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Val Susa

The Susa Valley has for centuries been a way of passage for armies, pilgrims and tradesmen. It preserves an incredible artistic heritage and surprising traces of material culture.

Along the way you can appreciate charming historic centres, typical alpine hamlets, large fortifications such as the massive Exilles Fortress, the thousand years old Novalesa Abbey and the imposing Sacra di San Michele, a monument dominating the valley and symbol of the Piedmont Region.

The historic centre of the city of Susa has the fascination of a small alpine city, but it also preserves important Roman remains, together with evidence of religious buildings dating back to the Middle Ages.

You cannot miss the alpine peaks, the Avigliana lakes and the natural parks hiking destinations. Furthermore, the Sangone and Cenischia valleys offer fascinating landscapes and examples of local traditions.

Grapevines have existed since ancient times. Abbone, the founder of the Abbey of Novalesa, in his “testament” back in 739 testifies the importance of vine growing in the valley. The reputation of its wines grew in the course of centuries and an 18th century document lists Chiomonte among the localities of great value, together with others. The local wine-making landscape is rich in characteristic vines such as Avanà, Becquét and Baratuciàt thanks to which this land is experiencing rebirth.

The Susa valley vineyards are all located in mountainous areas and are grown up to the highest possible heights. At the greatest heights there is the production of the very special “vino del ghiaccio” (literally “wine of the Ice”) which requires a dry and ventilated climate and very low night temperatures over long periods.

The DOC wines: il Valsusa

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