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Torino e collina torinese

The hilly land south of Turin treats visitors to its many environmental, agricultural, historic and cultural marvels: landscapes of great beauty with their gentle, rolling hills, ancient hamlets, churches, castles and stately residences in typical Savoy family style, among which there is the “Villa della Regina” with its historical vineyard and the Basilica di Superga designed by architect Juvarra and which is an ornament to the top of the hill. The rich biodiversity in the area adds a wealth of fruit and vegetables to the many wines one can find.

The place is ideal for walks or bike rides and offers enchanting vistas of Turin. Along the banks of the Po River, in the Po River Park you can find an excellent environment for sports and naturalistic activities.

For centuries vine growing and oenology have been perpetrated on the hillsides surrounding Turin by the monks from the Vezzolano Abbey.

In the 16th century, the interest for wine grew at the Court of Savoy and this stimulated the plantation of grapevines named “vigne” furnished with cellars, around the princely residences and the stately homes. These were mentioned in public documents with the name “vigne oltre Po”. The most famous was the Vigna della Regina belonging to Madame Royale Christine of France. Vine growing has continued on the hillsides up to today.

This area is the undisputed reign of the Freisa vine, but other classical grapevines have contributed to the history of the place, together with rare and delicate ones such as Cari and Malvasia, ideal wines to be drunk accompanied by Turin’s typical confectionary.

The DOC wines:

Freisa di Chieri Secco

Freisa di Chieri Superiore

Freisa di Chieri Dolce

Freisa di Chieri Frizzante

Freisa di Chieri Spumante

Collina Torinese Rosso

Collina Torinese Barbera

Collina Torinese Bonarda

Collina Torinese Malvasia

Collina Torinese Pelaverga o Cari

Collina Torinese Rosso Novello

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