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Pinerolo, witness of the vicissitudes of the Savoy-Acaja Princes and city of the Cavalry, must be explored walking along porticoes, museums and aristocratic buildings. If you wonder about in the countryside you will find the unique Rocca di Cavour; on the promontory very ancient remains testifying the presence of human life have been found.

The crown of mountains opens up towards the Chisone Valley where, in Fenestrelle you will see the largest fortifications in Europe. The vicissitudes of the Waldensians have marked Val Pellice; evidence of this can be seen in the museums and churches, but also in the tasty recipes. The wild Val Germanasca is the destination for scenic excursions and unusual trips into the historic talc mines.

In Frossasco the “Museo del Gusto” (Culinary museum) is an encounter with typical local produce: traditional and contemporary tastes

The valleys are a treasure trove with a rich ampelographic heritage. In this territory at the foot of the mountains, wines appreciated for their agreeable bouquet have been produced from time immemorial. Back in1200 the Savoy-Acaja Princes owned and cultivated in this area several hectares of vineyards. In 1881 Pinerolo hosted a great “Ampleographic Exhibition” with over 600 varieties of grapes exhibited; among these, 333 were autochthonous of the Province of Turin.

In this territory Piedmont’s traditional grapes grow together with rare grapevines such as the Doux d’Henry, a name given to it in honour of King Henry 4th of France who came to appreciate it at the beginning of the 17th century when he met Duke Carl Emmanuel 1st of Savoy.

The jewel in the crown of the local wine production is the Ramie, produced on the steep slopes of Pomaretto.

The DOC wines:

Pinerolese Rosso

Pinerolese Rosato

Pinerolese Barbera

Pinerolese Bonarda

Pinerolese Freisa

Pinerolese Dolcetto

Pinerolese Doux d’Henry

Pinerolese Ramìe

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