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Wine history and archaeology

The ancient cellars of the villa host the Museo Martini di Storia dell’Enologia (The Martini Museum on the history of winemaking) with its rich collection of ancient objects presented in an archaeological and in a historical one, with ancient amphorae and vases, large wine presses, carts for the transportation of grapes and barrels, precious crystal and glassware and silverware, filters and alembics, which testify the long wine-making history and the great technical know-how. 


The museum presents the history of wine over the centuries, with exhibits ranging from archaeological finds dating 2000 BC to tools and equipment which are testimony of the beginnings of the Industrial Age.

Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 14–17; Saturday and Sunday 9-12 and 14-17.

Telephone: ++39 011 94191.

Address: Piazza Luigi Rossi, 1 – Chieri (Torino).